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The Black Educator Care Group

Total Care For Educators


What is the Black Educator Care Group?

The Black Educator Care Group was created by educators for educators to provide much-needed assistance for a beloved yet challenging profession. There are some things only fellow educators will understand!
Our mission is to nourish the overall well-being of the modern-day educator. The Black Educator Care Group specializes education support and life coaching assistance because we ALL need help at some point. It takes a village! We offer self-care information to ensure we are mentally and physically well. Retreats to fellowship, learn, and grow. Last, but certainly not least, the opportunity to represent and look good while doing it. When you look good you feel good!

How We Help


Support and Guidance

Missing your joy? Experiencing burnout? Seeking your purpose? We can help. Schedule a private life-changing call now. You will not regret it!

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Educators have a reputation of being boring.  Represent for the culture and look good while doing it. Representation matters!


It is Time

Self-care includes activities to maintain your overall health. We must be intentional about caring for ourselves.




Sign up for information on Black Educator Care retreats. A time to to get together to learn, laugh, and grow. As the saying goes each one teach one!


Good for the Soul

The Black Educator Care Group recognizes laughter as a form of wellness. We have the latest jokes to keep you laughing on our social media platforms.  Black Educators Laugh Group

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